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Our passion is to see the world free from Modern Slavery and see Sustainability at the Forefront of our industries decisions. 

Our approach attempts to address this definitional issue head on by offering a collective-action framework centred on building the scale and connectivity of anti-slavery efforts across the freedom ecosystem.  


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Modern slavery manifests in forms as diverse as the communities it plagues, targeting individual populations and societal vulnerabilities in unique ways. In the slums of India, Dialu Nial, desperate for work, accepted a job only to find himself an indentured servant at a brick kiln.  

On the other side of the world, in Haiti, many children within the restavèk system, Creole for “staying with,” are sent to live with other families as domestic servants. Ideally, the child is treated as a member of the host family and enrolled in school.

However, this unfortunately is not always the case. Powerless, subject to unpaid domestic service, and deprived of their most basic rights, children abused within the restavèk system are prevented from receiving education and unable to realize their true potential.

From factories to farms, slavery occurs in many places and each country struggles with ways to inhibit slavery. The crime’s different forms often drive anti-slavery actors to concentrate on specific types of slavery and pushes the broader ecosystem to use an array of terms to describe each manifestation—slavery, trafficking, debt bondage, and forced marriage, among others.

Recognizing that each of these represents a form of slavery is critical, since context-specific historical, cultural, and political conditions also shape the language used to discuss slavery and the resulting range of terminology can lead to fruitless definitional and conceptual debates.

While each individual organization can and should focus on fighting a specific form of slavery, this limited lens can prevent actors from engaging in broader collaborative efforts that might serve shared goals.


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